The Story of Jonah & the Whale (sort of)

Maddy and friends rock

Many years ago, my incredibly talented friend Ryan Migge created a wonderfully quirky, slightly loser-ish, but, oh, so loveable character named Maddy Mann. He generously asked friends to join her universe, and I was lucky enough to be one of them. Thus, Lexi Miller, best frenemy of Ms. Mann, was born. Maddy and her friends have gone on many adventures together, but what they love most is taking Bible stories and making them relevant to their generation. This music video is one of our favorite collaborations. It stars the inimitable Ryan Migge as Maddy Mann/The Whale, Brandon Michael Arrington as Noah Little/Jonah/Squid, Jenn Wehrung as Beatrice Lane/Crab/Other Woman, and yours truly as Lexi Miller/Starfish. The video was directed by Suzanne Agins and filmed and edited by Hope Kim.

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