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I love my Kindle.  I bought my first one — a Kindle 2 — about four years ago. When that died, I was briefly sad but ultimately excited to buy a Paperwhite. Because the Paperwhite has a built-in book light, I figured I could more easily make a slim cover on my own. The photos above show the results. No one would mistake this for a sleek, professionally manufactured product because it is pretty “crafty” looking, but I’m okay with that. Every time I open the cover to read a book, I take pride in the fact that I designed and made this completely on my own.

All of the textiles were purchased from Purl Soho. If you are into crafting and live in the New York City area or you’re planning to visit New York City, you absolutely must check this treasure out. The store is a crafter’s dream of beautiful fabrics, yarns, and assorted notions.

The outside of the cover primarily consists of an olive green wool. The spine and latch are a dark brown grosgrain ribbon. The inside fabric is a fat quarter scrap I instantly fell in love with and couldn’t wait to figure out a way to use it. The cover closes with a very thin magnet sewn into the latch.

The design itself is not too complicated, but it did take a couple muslin attempts to figure out exactly how I wanted everything to work. That is definitely one very important lesson I have learned from observing countless fashion design studios. Always work with muslin (or any cheap fabric similar to the weight and feel of your real fabric) and alter it over and over until it is perfect before you even begin to cut your real fabric. It will ultimately save you much heartache. I took that lesson very seriously in this instance because I had very limited interior fabric and only one chance to get it right.

When you look closely, it’s pretty clunky, and I am not going to offer any tips or advice for crafting a perfect Kindle cover because I clearly need some lessons myself. Nor will I be selling a line of my self-designed Kindle covers on Etsy any time soon (if ever). But I am satisfied with the results of crafting something for my own personal use, and the act of creating a product that I use every day is really quite rewarding.

Published by Andrew Ve Hansen

I live in Brooklyn with my partner and our cat. Some of my many interests include taking advantage of all of the culinary delights this city has to offer, hanging out with my friends, reading, watching movies and tons of TV, crafting, and going to the theater (especially musicals). Photo by Michelle Temple

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